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Man, Ministry, Assignment


Dr. Eugene A. Blount is highly gifted, humble and anointed, student of the Word of God. Since the age of eight, Dr. Blount realized that he was picked out to be used as a instrument to carry God's Glory. He is a End Time Prophetic voice, a Trailblazer, Kingdom Establisher and is known for his prophetic accuracy, humility and passion for ministry.


God has equipped Dr. Blount to see and speak into the spirit realm-to confirm and to change. His ministry consists of miraculous and incessant testimonies that have been incalculable reporting physical, financial healing, breakthroughs and debt cancellations.

As he opens his mouth to minister, lives are changed, the supernatural manifest and the love and power of God is conveyed through every spoken word. The blessings and promises of God continues to inundate the life of Dr. Eugene Blount proving God's faithfulness and divine hand upon his ministry.


In January 2023, Next Level Bible College was Founded. A place where we offer Spirit-filled Theology, Advanced Ministry Training and Skills Set Needed to Lead Leaders!


Dr. Eugene A. Blount graduated from Liberty University receiving his Bachelor in Business Administration and Doctorate in Strategic Leadership. He is the Senior Pastor of Glory Movement Center and Presiding Prelate of Glory Movement Network, Inc., a Network for Churches, Ministries and Leaders, where we are "Graced For Glory!" a

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